Energy Cost Reduction Team

Solar Panel Inverters


Brill Energy’s solar inverters, or PV inverters, convert variable DC direct current produced by a solar panel into more friendly AC alternating current that can be used in homes and business or fed back into the national grid. The inverter is a critical component in a Solar Panel system, allowing the use of ordinary commercial electrical appliances.

Solar Panel System Design determines the type and number of inverters that are used in a system, its not a matter of choosing the inverter first ,it’s a matter of getting the design right then matching the inverter to suit the number of Solar Panels to get the maximum output.

Power Point Tracking
Brill Energy Solar inverters have special functions adapted for use with Solar Panel arrays, including Maximum Power Point Tracking, frequently referred to as MPPT, this is an electronic system that operates the Solar Panel (PV) modules in a manner that allows the modules to produce all the power they are capable of. MPPT is not a mechanical tracking system that “physically moves” the modules to make them point more directly at the sun. MPPT is a fully electronic system that varies the electrical operating point of the modules so that the modules are able to deliver the maximum available power.

Anti Islanding
The inverter is also responsible for anti-islanding protection, ‘small’ generators such as solar panel systems and wind turbines are required to disconnect from the grid if a fault out on the grid occurs, this is to stop small generators from ‘back-feeding’ into a fault and creating an even more hazardous situation for those trying to repair the fault.

Tier 1
Brill Energy only use tier 1 Inverters to ensure the best quality equipment that is long lasting and very reliable , ensuring that we are able to deliver and convert the maximum electrical yield from our Solar Panel arrays. Our preferred makes are Fronius and SMA both long established companies with great undisputed reputations for quality and service.