About Us

Meet some of the team

200x200Paul Hallinan

Energy cost reduction consultant & sales project lead for partner technologies

Paul Hallinan

Sales & Marketing Partner

The father of modern day voltage optimisation patent owner of the Powerstar range of voltage optimisation equipment

Alex Mardapittas

Voltage Optimisation Partner
200x200David Coyne

Planning integration & installation of large scale biomass plus CHP, and our Biomass troubleshooting expert

David Coyne

Biomass Partner
200x200Alan Ward

thermal solar engineer with vast industry experience, expert in district heating and renewable energy integration, specialist in thermal storage

Alan Ward

Thermal Solar Partner
200x200Solon Mardapittas

lead for energy storage a world class expert in large scale energy storage and voltage management our dark energy specialist

Solon Mardapittas

Energy Storage Partner
200x200John Haddow

Vast experience in energy management and energy cost reduction

John Haddow

ESOS Needs Partner
200x200Sam Javis 2

high voltage expert transformer services manager

Sam Jarvis

HV Engineering Partner
200x200Richard Small

All things High Voltage, switchgear cable management

Richard Small

HV Consulting Partner
200x200Leigh Ridlington

steam & gas boiler engineering director

Lee Riddlington

Gas & Steam Boiler Partner
200x200Jan Sissons

large scale solar roof & ground-mount deployment consultant

Jan Sisson

Solar PV Partner

all things LED, specialist in class ``A`` explosion hazard lighting

Aidan Brown

LED Consultant Partner

commercial epc energy consumption specialist

Sue Tagg

EPC Commercial Partner