02 Feb PROSumer or CONSumer?

Become a Prosumer


Why not Harness Voltage Optimisation technology to manage energy power consumption at your business door step, instead of consuming unwanted and un-necessary over supply voltages imposed on your business by your DNO, send them back into the grid, saving large sums of money in the process.

Prosumers don’t accept voltage oversupply into their business, instead they save 10% on average by fitting Voltage Optimisation technology at the point of incoming network power supply.

Prosumers are smart business people, a simple free voltage test kit provides all the information needed to take necessary steps to protect your business from wasting power on an epic scale.

Possibly the best energy saving investment you could ever make, in most cases self funded by the savings delivered, with an expected three year playback period falls within most CAPEX spending rules.


Which are you going to be PROSumer or CONSumer ?

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