Energy Storage That Works

04 Oct Energy Storage That Works

Demand for energy is expected to grow 60% by 2030, thats in only 15 years time!

Are you ready to tackle the threat?

Why not protect your own power supply now and become your own virtual power station.


Imagine an engineering solution that can reduce your electricity consumption, and electronically optimising power that comes to your business, at the same time generating energy that can be stored on site locally, that can be used at times during the day when your energy tariff is high.


Imagine an engineering solution that can provide an Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) site support capability for up to 2 hours.


Imagine an engineering solution that allows your business to become a Virtual Power Station (VPS) and that can work in tandem with on-site renewable energy assets , such as Solar Panels and Wind Turbines.


Our System attracts Incentive Scheme Payments from Short Term Operating Reserve (STOR), Energy Demand Response (EDR) & Frequency Demand Response (FDR) and possibly help avoid TRIAD demand period energy costs.


We 100% guarantees the savings promise we make.


To find out more about your high end energy saving options give Brill Energy Commercial Services a call for a Free No Obligation Feasibility study to identify your business energy cost savings potential.


Imagine an energy bill that goes down that would be Brill.


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