16 Jun Powerstar Savings Promise


With all our Powerstar proposals we make a guaranteed promise that is cash-back guaranteed if we fail to deliver the savings we claim.

This has two main benefits, one it removes a large financial risk, secondly it ensures our calculations are conservative as we do not enjoy making claim payments because of an over promise and under delivery of savings.

Firstly we verify the savings promises we make.

Savings from all Powerstar systems are 100% guaranteed.

A thorough and independently analysis (based upon IPMVP) is carried out internally via the steps below to provide clients with an accurate verification of savings achieved:

  • Step 1  Compares 28 days pre install kWh data against 28 days post install kWh data.
  • Step 2  Compares 28 days post install kWh data against the same dates a year previous (pre install).
  • Step 3  Compares 84 days (12 weeks) post install kWh data against the same dates a year previous (pre install).
  • Step 4 This involves a regression analysis. An accurate model is created based upon pre install kWh consumption data and variables such as the temperature.


100% savings guarantee

Following the analysis, if savings achieved are less than stated in the proposal, the shortfall in terms of ROI based on pence per kilowatt hour p/ kWh used in the proposal will be calculated.

This figure is multiplied by the payback period as stated in the proposal and issued as a one-off payment.


GUARANTEE  example

Proposal states 10% saving worth 15,000 pa giving a payback of 2.8 years.

Actual energy savings achieved = 8% worth £12,000

Shortfall = £3,000

We issue a 1 x off payment to the client of £3,000 x 2.8 = £8,400 so the return on investment is therefore guaranteed.


With over 7 thousand installations worldwide and no recorded equipment failures, this is a technology you can trust to deliver significant savings with very low financial risk, if this technology is appropriate to your business it will fall into the NO Brainer capital projects pot.




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