TX Services

Installation and commissioning


Installation/erection and commissioning as well as supervision, transport and lift and shift.
Whether you are installing a new, repaired or refurbished transformer or reallocation an existing TX asset.


Brill Energy Commercial Services offers an efficient solution to meet your needs.


We can offer a packaged solution including disassembly in preparation for transportation,reassembly at site, complete installation and commissioning of the unit. This can be tailored to your shut down needs.


Call our project team to get a quote, connection made simple.

Oil Utilities


The filtering of transformers is one of the least expensive, best known ways of preserving the life of the unit.


When it comes to transformer oil processing our service partner Utility Oils have the equipment, experience and skilled personnel to perform oil processing on your power transformers, safely and efficiently.


From vacuum filling to hot oil cleaning we can handle the project.

Ever Considered Voltage Optimisation


To find out where you stand, all you need provide is your past 12 months Half Hour Data (HH Data) *If this information is not to hand, not to worry, we can obtain the information on your behalf using a letter of authority form, call our office for details.


You will also need to gather together your past three months power bills for each metered supply you use.


Nominate a site contact, preferably the electrical site engineer or equivalent who knows the site well, who we can talk too.


Finally provide details of the existing transformer, i.e. size kVa, age make and model, and that’s it.



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