High Voltage

We think you are being taken for a ride by your power provider



Much of our work is acting as a third-party investigator identifying power hotspots on local district network operator power supplies across the UK.


If your business sits on or is near to a power hotspot, the likelihood is that your business is suffering from Over-Voltage.


Site Over-Voltage costs UK business a small fortune, an expense that is often 10% of your total power bill and is totally unnecessary and completely avoidable.


Identifying site over-voltage is a question of a simple non-invasive plug-in test, which for qualifying sites we’re happy to provide free of charge.


Our Dynamic HV Max Optimiser provides a cost-effective solution that is a super low-loss amorphous core HV transformer combined with an electronic-dynamic variable voltage optimisation unit, a bit of a mouthful, but in reality an amazing piece of engineering which generates huge energy cost savings and prevents site Over-Voltage at source.


Power Hotspot Over-Voltage – Well worth an investigation as our numerous industry case studies show.




How it Works

Typical Payback


Expect typical payback of 2-3 years, an 8 – 12% average saving on electricity bills, and a savings proposal that is 100 % guaranteed.

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