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The Real McCoy


Voltage optimisation systems are often confused with step-down transformers, this is understandable as they look like, smell like, and if you were to cut them up, would no doubt taste like a traditional transformer,


but here’s the rub:-


Detailed research and all leading industry reports highlight the limited energy savings potential of standard step-down transformer ,which have been incorrectly labelled under term Voltage Optimisation, causing a discrepancy of information in the market which we can now put right.

2 Very Separate Technologies


We forgive you if you don’t think so just at the moment , but you will come round to our way of thinking in the end. Voltage Optimisation saves a large amount of energy for the little effort.


See How It Works


3 Types of Optimiser

We offer three types of optimiser solution and demonstrate in the free feasibility study what savings impact each would have if deployed on site.

This allows clients to choose which solution is most appropriate to meet site demand and future need.


HV Dynamic Optimiser


Working on the HV side of the power supply, dynamically controlling the amount of incoming power to squeeze maximum savings from both sides of HV & LV supply, with the additional benefit of an incorporated super low transformer.


*Ideal when you own your transformer assets and wish to maximise all the available savings on both the LV & HV sides of the supply.



LV Dynamic OptimiserPowerstarMAX-logo

Working on the LV side of your supply, dynamically tracking and controlling power to squeeze maximum savings from the incoming supply, particularly popular where customers do not own their transformer asset on the HV side of the supply, but wish to maximise all the available savings on the LV side of the supply.


*Ideal where the incoming over-voltage supply fluctuates and needs stabilisation.





LV Fixed Optimisers


Fixed point optimisers working on the LV side of your incoming supply.


*Ideal where the incoming over-voltage is stable and healthy guaranteed savings can be made.

1 Savings Guarantee

The great thing about our optimiser technology is that we Cash-Back Guarantee the savings promise we make with each of our units, Yes Yes a Cash-Back Guarantee.



We verify the actual savings against the pre install savings promise, if we got in wrong we make up the loss on the ROI in a single up front payment. for more detail on how your business can benefit from real voltage optimisation call the number below or e-mail us using the contact form.


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