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Our Voltage Test Kit is a FREE simple plug in device which is yours to keep, and in the first instance can be used in the comfort of your own office to determine if you are suffering “Over-Voltage”.


All we require the plug tester to be inserted into a standard three pin socket in at least three locations across your site, ideally close to your incoming supply where you might expect to record the highest incoming voltage, next at what you might consider a mid point in the site, and at least one far point, furthest away from the incoming supply.


its that simple.





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Ideally take 4 or more readings , if you operate 24 /7  take some additional readings in the evening.


Simply add up all the recorded voltages and divide by the number of sample reading points taken to get a site average.


What we are looking to achieve is to record the average voltage value so that we can start to determine the appropriate voltage saving that can be recommended.


If the site enjoys a low average voltage value, below 230 Volts then Voltage Optimisation will be inappropriate, if however you suffer a high Over-Voltage great cost savings can be made.



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