Low Voltage

We think you are being taken for a ride by your power provider, even on the low voltage side of your supply



Much of our work is acting as a third-party investigator identifying power hotspots on local district network operator power supplies across the UK.


If your business sits on or is near to a power hotspot, the likelihood is that your business is suffering from Over-Voltage.


Site Over-Voltage costs UK business a small fortune, an expense that is often 10% of your total power bill and is totally unnecessary and completely avoidable.


Identifying site over-voltage is a question of a simple non-invasive plug-in test, which for qualifying sites we’re happy to provide free of charge.


In contrast to the Dynamic HV optimiser, our Dynamic LV works on the home side of the electrical supply, and is deployed when you do not own your transformer assets, instead they are managed by a DNO on your behalf.


The magic of the Dynamic LV unit is that it is an electronic-dynamic, variable voltage optimisation systems, that optimises the over-voltage to a constant level no matter how badly the grid supply fluctuates during the day and night.


Intelligent electronic controls automatically adjust and maintain the incoming voltage supply to create a stable profile which results in maximum energy savings gain.


Ideal when you don’t own your transformer assets.





How It Works

Right for My Business?


The Dynamic LV system is ideal for sites with the following profile:



The site has a low voltage (LV) supply only

The site has a high level of incoming voltage

The site has a volatile or fluctuating voltage profile

The site has critical equipment on site that requires additional security

The site has high night loads as electricity is still consumed as other uses reduce demand



Our FREE Over-Voltage Test Kit, which you can operate from the comfort of your office, will give you an immediate indication of your site over-voltage profile and the value of this technology in energy saving terms to your business.


Call or e-mail for a kit now it’s FREE.

FREE Site Survey


It only takes one phone call now to find out if a Dynamic LV Optimiser will suit your business.


Energy management is about finding the correct engineering solution to an engineering problem, energy management systems must meet individual site needs so there cannot be a one size fits all approach.


Our detailed and costed feasibility report will clearly show if this technology suits your business, reports are normally turned around in 21 days.


it’s that simple.

Who Benefits


The Dynamic LV systems have provided significant savings in both the public and private sectors of industry, from NHS hospitals, supermarkets, utility companies, education, government and local authorities ,new build developments and manufacturing industry, any and all high power users.


If the Dynamic LV system does not fit your requirements then take a look at either our fixed or variable LV optimiser solutions or our Dynamic HV options, all have 100% guaranteed savings promises.

Typical Payback


Expect typical payback of 2-3 years, an 8 – 12% average saving on electricity bills, and a savings proposal that is 100 % guaranteed.

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