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Voltage optimisation is often referenced or thought of as simply a voltage stabiliser or a voltage regulator, designed to reduce or tap down the voltage by a set level or stabilise the voltage at an optimum level.


However, true voltage optimisation systems do much more than simply reduce voltage and offer additional benefits to companies.

Voltage Regulators


Simple, double wound voltage regulators are predominantly just step-down transformers , working similar to ordinary transformers with a secondary winding that delivers the energy has less turns (coil) than the primary winding.


Although these devices reduce the voltage, they also increase the current and as a result, do not save energy. The reason savings are low from step-down transformers is that transformers are inherently inefficient, and waste additional energy once tapped-down.

Voltage Stabilisers


When voltage stabilisers are referenced, it is invariably referring to a simple, double wound step-down transformer or voltage regulator with added electronics to provide a constant output.


These electronic voltage stabilisers work by constantly measuring the voltage of the waves that make up the incoming electricity supply and comparing them with the voltage that is required.


If there is too much voltage, they add a second wave of just the right size, to subtract exactly the right amount of voltage.  So if your incoming supply rises to 240 volts and you’d set the regulator to 225 volts, it will add an upside down waveform equivalent to 15 volts to the 240 volts.

Real Voltage Optimisation


The benefits of simple double wound voltage regulators and voltage stabilisers are limited in comparison to true voltage optimisation systems.


Through use of the third winding, the patented, triple-wound Powerstar transformer is able to create negative voltage feedback which means that voltage is taken from the grid and the excess (what is not needed by a site) is removed and sent in the direction of the supply.


This is similar to what solar PV and wind turbines do but instead of generating the voltage onsite,it simply returns this to the grid.


Powerstar does much more than simply adjust and stabilise the voltage, it also cleans and conditions the power supply providing additional benefits including:


Improved Power Quality

Removal of Harmonics

Reduction of Transients

Improvement Power Factor

Savings & ROI


Installations will yield a conservative average energy savings of  8% – 12%, a reduction in reactive power of over 60% and thus an improvement in power factor of up to 20%.


For most sites, the installation will pay for itself from the savings in 2-3 years.


A secondary intangible benefit are that equipment lifetimes will also be extended as over-voltage is corrected and harmonics are reduced.


This significantly reduces annual O&M costs as wear and tear from “Over-Voltage” is eliminated.



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