The Over Voltage

BRILL Testing for Over-Voltage


Voltage Optimisation is considered the silver bullet of energy saving technology, that will deliver significant energy savings the moment it is installed.


You pay for the amount of voltage that arrives on site, the power supplier has a statutory obligation to supply site with a minimum of 216 volts and a maximum of 254 volts.


It is easier for the supplier to pump a higher voltage down the lines than a lower voltage,which is why there has been a steady rise in the phenomena called “Over – Voltage” which you are paying for unnecessarily.


Blocking or sending back this unwelcome over-voltage is where Voltage Optimisation saves you the money.




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Try the FREE Over Voltage Test Kit


To find out if your site is suffering over- voltage, email or call our sales team for a free test kit with no obligation to purchase.


Our FREE Over-Voltage Test Kit, which you can operate from the comfort of your office, will give you an immediate indication of your site over-voltage profile and the value of this technology in energy saving terms to your business.


Call or e-mail for a kit now it’s FREE.

Who Benefits


Our Voltage Optimisation systems have provided significant savings in both the public and private sectors of industry, from NHS hospitals, supermarkets, utility companies, education, government and local authorities ,new build developments and manufacturing industry, any and all high power users.


Take a look at either our variable or fixed LV optimiser solutions or our Dynamic HV options, all have 100% guaranteed savings promises.

Typical Payback


Expect typical payback of 2-3 years, a 12% average saving on electricity bills, and a savings proposal that is 100 % guaranteed.

FREE Feasibility Study


If you find you suffer over-voltage request a free feasibility study to get some hard numbers on what savings are available, and see if those saving would pay for the installation anyway. No obligation just the facts to help you decide.


Guaranteed savings


We will even guarantee the savings that we promise, the report will be base on conservative numbers so you can expect better savings than we promise.


Brill Energy Guaranteed Savings

Energy management is about finding the correct engineering solution to an engineering problem, energy management systems must meet individual site needs so there cannot be a one size fits all approach.


Our detailed and costed feasibility report will clearly show if this technology suits your business, reports are normally turned around in 21 days.


it’s that simple.


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