What is
voltage optimisation?

The “Over Voltage” deal breaker



If your site already has a naturally stable low incoming voltage, then congratulations we shake hands and we walk away because voltage optimisation would be totally inappropriate.


If on the other hand you have an average or higher than average Over Voltage then big savings can be made, and a simple plug in test would tell.


It’s you’re choice, continue to pay your power company stacks of cash needlessly, or wrestle that cash back, which by the way we guarantee and spend it somewhere else in your business.

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We offer a free feasibility report and costed engineering solution proposal ,with comprehensive engineering detail and financial options, enough to take to capital projects procurement or present to a CAPEX approval board.


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VO does much more

Installations will conservatively yield average energy savings of 8% – 12%, a reduction in reactive power of over 60% and thus an improvement in power factor of up to 20%.

For most sites, the installation will pay for itself from the cost of savings in 2-3 years which meets most realistic Capx rules today.

Secondary intangible benefit

A secondary intangible benefit is that site equipment lifetimes will also be significantly extended, as over-voltage is corrected and harmonics are reduced.
Expect significant reductions also in annual O&M costs as heat stress wear and tear from Over-Voltage is eliminated.

*Voltage optimisation should not be confused with simple double wound voltage regulators and voltage stabilisers, these are other less efficient energy saving techniques often incorrectly referred to as voltage optimisation. Look out for the real deal.

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