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Transformer Assets


If you maintain your own transformer assets then consider our Dynamic HV Optimiser, so that you can enjoy the maximum energy savings the equipment has to offer, conservatively expect 12%  power savings.


Of the 116k High Voltage connections here in the UK, 22k are private connections, one could easily be you, why not  find out for free? with no obligation.


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Ready a Check List


To find out where you stand, all you need provide is your past 12 months Half Hour Data (HH Data) *If this information is not to hand, not to worry, we can obtain the information on your behalf using a letter of authority form, call our office for details.


You will also need to gather together your past three months power bills for each metered supply you use.


Nominate a site contact, preferably the electrical site engineer or equivalent who knows the site well, who we can talk too.


Finally provide details of the existing transformer, i.e. size kVa, age make and model, and that’s it.

FREE Site Survey


As soon as we get this check list of information we can book in a suitable time to visit site and make a cash-back guaranteed savings proposal.


A detailed report that will clearly show if this technology is feasible and will work for you, normally turned around in 21 days post receipt of data logging equipment, it’s that simple.

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