Why won’t my Power Bill Go Down?

04 Oct Why won’t my Power Bill Go Down?

Why after installing every energy saving device know to man

is “My Power Bill NOT Going Down??”


The simple answer is that the fixed charges on your energy bills are going up to counter the savings you are making.

So what can you do about it? Look a little deeper.

Firstly you need to know what makes up the fixed charge on your bill, and be aware when your RED or Peak Power Charges are being applied.

Peak Power Charges, TRIAD Charges, DuOS Charges and Capacity Charges, form the majority of the fixed charges on your power bill, all of which are due to rise significantly soon.

By removing your sites electrical demand from a National Grid connection for short periods of time, it is possible to manage and mittigate these fixed Power Charges so that you are able to see a tangible reduction in your company power bill.

So How do you remove yourself for the National Grid?

Energy Storage is currently a hot topic in the energy saving world, but few companies have a tested trusted and afforable solution.

Brill Energy are excited to be involved with “Powerstar Virtue”, a energy storage and energy management system that fully address the associated fixed cost that dog high energy users.


In effect we can now “shift & store energy” to significantly make that all important fixed cost saving ,


so you can see the difference on future power bills.

Systems start at 50kVA and can be scaled up to 50mVA megga storage.

Turn yourself into your own island power station.

For more information email paul.hallinan@brillenergy.com


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